Fellowship and worship with a relaxed feel.  Do you struggle to get ready for worship on a Sunday morning?  Are you looking for worship that is not as liturgical or traditional, but you still want to have an opportunity to worship and receive Communion?  Join us for Food and Faith on the first Friday night of every month beginning on September 2nd at 6:00pm for the free Meal and Fellowship and 7:00pm for the Worship.  The worship will be less formal and focus on current events and how our faith allows us to still find hope in a conflicted world.  The music will be on a rotating basis of various styles from piano playing to organ music to saxophone and harp.  Dress is casual and membership is not required to attend.  Children are welcome; and they may benefit from the more informal format of these services.  Join us and be lifted up by the Spirit.  

Join us at any of the following times:

6:00 pm for fellowship and to eat some supper together

7:00 pm for the informal worship service with Holy Communion

December 1:

Meal: TBD

Topic and Scritpure: "Blue Christmas": Dealing with Loss and Grief During the Holiday Season

Special Music: Rarick Family