Traditional Burial Area

The entire “Traditional” area of Epler’s Cemetery is laid out with 4’ x 8’ lots in groups of eight with access right of ways between the groups for equipment access. Single or multiple lots are available.

Each lot may be used for the interment burial of the remains of one human body or the cremated remains of two human bodies. Following a full-body burial, the cremated remains of a spouse may be buried on the same lot. Concrete vaults are required for all full-body burials and non-biodegradable urns are required for all cremation burials.

Memorial headstones are not required, but if desired they may be no larger than 2’ x 4’ for a single lot or 2’ x 8’ for a double lot. Memorial headstones require an approved foundation which must be installed by the Cemetery.

Plantings are discouraged but permitted by exception. However, no trees or shrubbery of any kind are allowed. Flowers are generally allowed but must be maintained by the family within a configuration that does not interfere with the mowing of the Cemetery. The Cemetery takes no responsibility for any damage to plants incurred during the mowing process.

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