2022 Budget Information:

2022 Challenge Budget

Each year, the finance committee meets to plan the budget for the following year. We take into account the current financial situation and the future projects and plans for the upcoming year when creating the budget. This is called a "challenge budget" because it will be sent out to our membership and then pledges will get returned. Once those pledges are calculated, the finance committee will make any adjustments as needed. Please click on the link above for a copy of the proposed 2022 challenge budget.

Pledge Cards and Stewardship Letter

We ask that all of our church members prayerfully consider what they hope to financially contribute to the work and ministry of Epler's Church for 2022. If you should have any questions, you may speak with Glenn Potteiger (chair of the finance committee) or Pastor Gary. When returning the pledge cards, the bookkeeper is the only person who will see this information and collaborate it so that we can make any adjustment to the budget as needed. Click the link above for the letter and pledge card.