Sermon Series: What if...?  

Have you ever thought about what it might be like if Adam and Eve didn't eat from the tree?  Have you ever considered how the story might change if the Good Samaritan didn't stop?  What does it really me to "love ourselves" or "come as you are" to worship?  Join us for six weeks in July and August as Pastor Gary leads us in a Sermon Series Entitled: What if...?  Worship begins at 9:30 am throughout the summer.

July 8th:  What if...God was one of us?

Focus text: Genesis 1:26-27

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July 15th: What if...Adam and Eve didn't eat from the tree?

Focus text: Genesis 3:1-18

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July 22nd: What if...We acted as if we weren't afraid?

Focus text: John 14:1, 25-27

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July 29th: What if...we actually loved ourselves?

Focus text: Mark 12:28-31

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August 5th: What if...the Good Samaritan didn't stop to help?

Focus text: Luke 10:25-37

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August 12th: What if...We came to church as we are?

Focus text: Matthew 25:31-40

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