Elders (meets monthly) L. Hartlieb, chairperson

Duties: Contacting those that are inactive (occurring regularly); Membership Transfers; Membership Updates


Personnel (meets as needed) L. Hartlieb

Duties: Hiring and firing of employees (not the pastor); Employee disciplinary issues; Conduct Annual Reviews


Pastoral Relations (meets quarterly) J. Alderman

Duties: Meets with and supports the Pastor; Liaison between the congregation and the pastor; Mediation between congregant and pastor that requires third party involvement


Christian Education (meets quarterly) K. Bauder

Duties: Youth Group: keeping the youth of the church involved in various age groups; Coordinate teachers of the Sunday school classes; Pick the Sunday school curriculum; Oversee Confirmation Program; Oversees Bible/Book Studies; Acquiring sign-ups for Nursery; VBS


Mission (meets twice a year/quarterly) H. Ninfo

Duties: Local missions: work day camps; food pantry; CROP walk; FREE Community Meals; Traveling Mission: Natural Disasters; College Students Continued Relationships: care packages, card showers, etc.


Worship and Music (meets once a quarter) John Alderman

Duties: Planning meaningful worship services; Work with the pastor and minister of music to create new and exciting worship; Planning Annual Grandparent’s Day lunch


Evangelism (meets once a quarter) R. Deerfield

Duties: Outreach to new people in community; Schedule visits to new people in the community; Work with local realtors or other ways to find out who is new in the neighborhood and get welcome baskets put together; Welcome visitors with bags and follow-up after first visit; Schedule personal visits to visitors from church members (not the pastor)


Fellowship (meets once a quarter) Open

Duties: Planning Pot Lucks; Planning non-spiritual or non-fundraising activities; After worship fellowship snacks: sign-up sheet (digital and/or bulletin board); Focusing on the Mission of the church and looking towards the future (long-term planning)


Finance (meets once a quarter, as needed) G. Potteiger

Duties: Investments; Borrowing; Evaluation of financial status; Creation of annual budget; Send out pledge cards; Annual Audit; Planning fundraising activities


Care Corp (meets once a quarter) L. Hammond

Duties: Oversees God’s Hugs Prayer Shawl Ministry; Develop a climate of wellness by promoting things like blood pressure checks, blood banks; Make available rides to the church for less mobile members; Wellness: education programs; Prayer chain; Sending Cards; Meals for hospital and special situations


Visitation Team (meets monthly) G. Wails & H. Uczynski

Duties: Visitation of Membership regularly to build relationships; Meet as a group once a month to debrief


Buildings and Grounds (meets as needed) S. Arndt & P. Whitmoyer

Duties: Regular repairs of the property; Arranging for outside contractors for larger projects; Schedule volunteers to cut grass; Works with local snow plow company


Church History (meets as needed) D. Gassert

Duties: Organize and safe keeping of historical items; Continue to update and develop information for historical record


Zwingli Guild (meets about once a quarter) J. Kline

Duties: Sponsors two chicken pot pie suppers each year; Provides meals for funerals; Helps with the purchase of many improvements around the church; Provides Poinsettia Plants for Homebound at Christmas; Provides Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Gifts


Little Lamb Nursery School (meets every-other month) K. Bauder

Duties: School provides a quality pre-school program; Run by board of directors


Boy Scouts (meets weekly)

Duties: Members of the BSA to work with the young men from the area to provide education and life-building skills; Run by their own leadership